Wings June 25, 2006 - Present
12/15/05  Ordered Wing Kit

1/6/06      Received a tentative shipping date for the week of February 27, 2006
5/5/06      After many personal delays (See Empennage) the wings have been re-scheduled to arrive in or near
          the 1st week in June
6/10/06   WING KIT ARRIVED!!!!!!!  Unfortunately, I am swamped at work and will only be able to inventory the kit this

06/11/06   Inventoried both crates. Wow! Lots of stuff! Took pretty much all day.

06/25/06  Prepared left main spar for riveting the tank attach platenuts. Machine countersunk spar where fuel tank     
                skins attach. What a job! I drilled a small piece of steel to clamp to the bottom side of the spar flange to       
                hold the pilot in place while countersinking the top side. If you don't use something to keep the pilot in          
                place below the flange, the c-sink bit tends to chatter and will ruin the hole. Took a while but everything       
                turned out pretty nice.  All platenuts are riveted in place and I am ready to install the tie-down brackets.

7/2/06  Prepared the rear spars for assembly today. Match drilled and deburred the spar and doubler plates.              
            Trimmed excess material off doubler plates per plans. Ready to sand and prime before final assembly.

7/4/06  Primed both rear spars and all doubler plates and riveted the rear spar assembly together.

7/5/06  Began deburring the rib flanges and lightening hole edges. Got a little loud for night time so I will have to         
            finish deburring the ribs another day. We are supposed to get a lot of rain tomorrow so it might turn into a       
            SHOP day!   :-)

7/9/06  Spent the last 18 or so hours deburring and fluting all the ribs for both wings. Lot's of ribs! Finally ready to      
            begin the initial assembly of the left wing. Cleared the shop to make room for the wing jig.

7/10/06 Clekod the aft ribs to the main and rear spars, just to make it look like I have accomplished something over    
             the past week. Looks pretty impressive. Still need to build my wing jig before I go any further. Hopefully I will    
             get that done by the end of the week. I have a pretty busy work week so I am going to keep my fingers            
             crossed! I'll post some more photos as soon as I can take the time away from the office...

7/15/06  Completed the wing jig over the last few days.  Made some brackets to attach the outer most rib to the jig.
       Mounted the Left Wing in the jig and made sure there was no twist whatsoever. Completed final drilling the          
        ribs to the main and rear spars. Time to start the initial installation of the skins!

7/20/06 thru 7/29/06  Had a BLAST at Oshkosh!  Man was it HOT! Saw TONS of RV's and got some good ideas...
       Stayed in the campground in my brother's motor home and camped out with some friends and fellow RV'ers.       
        Left to right... John Marshall, Jeff Roberts and Larry Boggs.  John has several RV's under his belt. His                 
        current project is a Super -7 (540 I/O). Jeff has an RV Super 8 (with a 540 also). Larry has an AWESOME           
        RV -8 (Photo Below Center) And that's me (Below Right) in front of the main entrance. What a great time!

7/30/06  Installed and match drilled all the skins aft of the main spar.

8/1/06   Installed and match drilled the leading edge skin.

8/2/06   Installed the tank mounting brackets. What a time consuming job! Back drilling the mounting brackets without
             distorting the pre-drilled holes in the spar wasn't easy. The toughest part was riveting the nut plates to the     
             brackets and still having the AN3 bolts pass through the brackets and spar without any unwanted angles.       
             All's well though. I attached the tank baffle to the mounting brackets and the holes lined up perfectly, with the
             centerline drawn on the mounting brackets positioned right in the center of the pre-punched holes in the        
             tank baffle. Very satisfying when things go right the 1st time!

8/5/06   Today I built the left fuel tank and match drilled the skins to the ribs, tank baffle and mounting brackets. I        
             have been lucky I think... everything has fit almost perfectly at every stage in the wing so far... knock on         
             wood : )  Fabricated the front fuel tank mounting bracket and completed match drilling the entire wing. I          
             almost hate to take everything apart to begin the tedious job of deburring, dimpling and priming everything.

8/11/06 I've been extremely busy at work all week and haven't been able to spend as much time on airplane building  
             as I would like. Today I took everything apart and began preparing the ribs for priming.

8/12/06 Ribs are all deburred, sanded, dimpled and primed!  Man! What a job. That is the worst part about building    
             an aluminum airplane... all the sanding and preparations in order to prime all of them... and there are LOTS   
             of them! Time to start assembling them for the last time! Probably will be doing that late next week.                 
             Tomorrow's my Wife's birthday so you know what that means... no shop time ; )

8/20/06 Began riveting the ribs to the rear and main spars. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Trying to do this        
             myself, I smiled several rivets and had to drill them out. Didn't have a lot of time this weekend since I had to    
             work all day Saturday. Next weekend we are leaving on vacation for a week so I probably will not be able to    
             get back to work on this until early September.

9/3/06   Finally! Had a full day to myself to do nothing but work on my plane! Got a LOT done today. Finished riveting
             the ribs to the rear and main spars. Deburred and dimpled both aft - top skins and cleko'd them to the            
             skeleton. Everything went back together perfectly. Not really a lot to take pictures of... you have already         
             seen the wing cleko'd together. The only difference is there is no vinyl protection coating on them any more   
             and the ribs have all been primed with a wash primer. They now have a greenish gold tint to them.                  
             Tomorrow is Labor Day so I will probably be able to put in a few more hours on the wing. Going to try to          
             complete the leading edge installation, or at least have it all cleko'd in place and ready for riveting.
       We'll see...

9/4/06   Completed the leading edge today! ...At least the skin is riveted to the ribs. Still need to rivet the attach holes
             to the main spar though. All in all, I had a productive 2 days. I wish I could work this much every week... I         
             might have an airplane out in my garage in a year or so! Oh well... back to work tomorrow :-(

9/10/06  Completed the leading edge today. Riveted the ribs to the main spar and completely riveted the skin to the   
              main spar. I'm at the point where I really need to complete the fuel tank, and in order to do this I must build    
              the right wing so I can seal both tanks at the same time. Guess what that means... Time to build a bigger       
              garage! It looks like I am going to start that project next weekend so I will probably not be building anything    
              (on my plane) for a month or two! My goal is to have the new garage completed by Thanksgiving. I'll include  
              photos of the old garage coming down and the new one being built.

9/17/06  Began moving all this STUFF out of my old garage into the garage attached to my house. I guess I'll be         
              parking my truck outside for a while! Man... I HATE moving! It'll be nice to have a nice big garage and new     
              office upstairs! The garage is going to be large enough to assemble the whole airplane... motor, wings and   
              all before I will need to transport it into a hangar.  

9/21/06 to 1/1/07   Tore down my old shop and built the new office and shop

1/1/07   Happy New Year!  Finally have the shop ready to resume building again!  Prepared the right wing skeleton to
             be riveted together today. We have been having some awesome weather this winter... it's been in the upper   
             70's most of December!

1/17/07  Finally resumed building again!  Match drilled the right wing tonight. It's nice to have the room to build both    
              wings at once!

1/27/07  Began working on the
fuel tanks

6/8/07  I have spent the last several weekends on other projects as well as working on the ailerons . Today, Joe          
            Giallo and I were able to rivet about 99% of the top wing skins. I am planning to leave the bottom skins off as   
            long as possible to allow the easy access for wiring and other installations such as a heated pitot etc.

7/7/07 Installed the bellcranks in both wings today. Completed the pushrods for the ailerons and flaps. Installed the    
           pitot tube line and installed the mounting bracket for a heated pitot that I will probably install after I get it flying  
           for a while. It will be an easy installation with the mounting bracket and wiring already in place. It sure is nice to
           have the wing jigs out of the way and the wings in the cradle. Creates a lot more room to work, not to mention  
           makes it easier to work on the bottom section of the wings. That will come in handy connecting the ailerons      
           and flaps to the wings.

7/22/07 Completed the flaps today. They are ready for the initial installation on the wing. Also made the hole in the     
             skin for the heated pitot. I will probably go ahead and install that now instead of waiting until after flying it for   
             a while. I'd hate to mess up a good paint job by making a mistake. Prepared all of the bottom skins for final     
             installation. Everything all deburred, dimpled and ready to install.... much later!

7/29/07 Installed the ailerons and flaps on the wing today. Did the initial hook up of the bellcrank and pushrods to       
             make sure of a good fit, with no interference from the pitot lines. Perfect! Everything fit like a glove!
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