Vertical Stabilizer

December 3, 2005 - December 10, 2005
12/3/05   Just completed the Horizontal Stabilizer and felt really ambitious (since I hadn't worked on anything in a few
               days) so I went ahead and started working on the VS tonight. WOW, did THAT go fast! I am beginning         
               to get really comfortable with the process now. Already finished assembling the VS frame, cleko'd on the     
               VS skin and final drilled everything already! Already time to disassemble the VS and begin deburring,          
               dimpling and priming! WOW! Time flies when you're having fun! It's 3am and I'm worn out. Tomorrow's         
               another day...

12/4/05   Disassembled the VS, deburred, dimpled and prepped the assembly for priming. Made the decision to stay
               with the 7 (vs the 7A) and drilled the holes in the lower VS rear spar that will mount the tail wheel.

12/5/05 Not much time to work in the shop tonight... spent most of the evening constructing this website. Tried to       
             prime the ribs but it is WAY too cold outside (unusually cold for NC this time of year) to have the windows      
             and door open for adequate ventilation. Only primed a couple of parts then called it a day.

12/6/05 Worked all evening updating this website... inserting photos, text etc. Finally caught up! It will be easy to        
             update the site when I only need to enter one day's worth of progress.

12/7/05 Long day at work today. Need to keep my promise to myself though... Do ONE thing every day and I'll end     
             up with an AIRPLANE one day! : ) Brandon came over tonight and helped me dimple the VS skin on the         
             C-Frame. Still need to work on my shop before I finish priming the VS components. Going to install an            
             exhaust fan and create a make shift paint room to prime in. Open windows when it's 29 degrees outside        
             simply doesn't work.

12/9/05 Worked on the shop today. Installed an exhaust fan above one of the work benches. WOW! What a              
             difference THAT made. Bought a charcoal filtered mask for priming and didn't even NEED it! The exhaust      
             fan sucked the overspray out as soon as it passed the part I was priming. Assembled my new band saw for   
             future use as well. Finished priming all the VS parts late so I didn't have a chance to start riveting before it     
             got too late. (Don't want to keep the neighbors up with the noise)  I figured I'd go ahead and get a jump on    
             the Rudder since it was still early (for me) 9:30.  Click here for
rudder progress tonight.

12/10/05 Completed the Vertical Stabilizer today!!! Now all I need is the room to STORE all of these completed parts!

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