Performance Specs:
The following items are the performance specs for N713DR. Obviously, they are incomplete and I will
do my best to update this website as I progress through my Phase 1 testing.

Empty Weight: (with complete interior) 1254 lbs

Acceptable CG Range: FWD 78.7"   AFT 86.82"

Empty CG: 79.22"  

Fwd Most CG: 80.48"   ( 100 lb Pilot / No Passenger / Full Fuel / Empty Baggage )

Aft Most CG: 86.54"   (500 lbs Pilot & Passenger / Minimum Fuel Reserves / 100 lbs Baggage )

Stall Speed Clean:  62 mph

Stall Speed Full Flaps:  59 mph

Best Rate Of Climb: 105 mph @ sea level (2700 FPM !)

Best Angle Of Climb:

Cruise Speeds and Settings:  Best reading so far:  220 MPH TAS @22" MAP 2350 RPM / 9000 ft

The following photo is a snapshot of my PFD during a cross country from KLHZ to II13

Note the MAP is only 21 and the RPM is 2380. With plenty of power and prop angle to spare my cruise
speeds are 208 TAS burning only 11.9 GPH and that was running
Rich of Peak. If you like run Lean of
Peak, you can expect over 200+ MPH on 11 GPH. What a GREAT airplane. Pretty and FAST. You can
see in the photo just below the Airspeed tape that I was encountering a tremendous 40 mph quartering
headwind and 23 MPH crosswind which is why the ground speed is only 176 MPH.