Fuel Tanks  January 27,2007 to April 28, 2007
1/27/07  Match drilled and fit the right fuel tank to the main spar. Leading edge for the right wing is ready for final
        assembly... all parts match drilled, deburred, dimpled and ribs primed. Fuel tank attach brackets ready for
        final installation. Fits like a glove! Almost ready to begin sealing the tanks. I am dreading this portion of
        the building process most of all...

2/7/07   Spent the last week or so preparing the fuel tanks for sealing. Routed the vent tubes and attached all of
       the fuel line tubing and fittings to make sure everything will go together as planned with no surprises
       while sealing the tanks. Countersunk the fuel tank skins along the spanwise row of rivets that will
       connect the tank skin to the baffle. Lots of prep work still to go... Still need to scuff all of the skins and
       stiffeners to allow the sealer to adhere well to all surfaces, then dimple the tank skins.  Looking forward to
       having these tanks completed and get working on the rest of the wing components.

2/17/07  Finished preparing all the tank components for sealing. Decided to go with inverted fuel in the left tank so
        I ordered a new tank access plate along with some misc. parts from Van's. They should be here the middle
        of next week. Installed the anti-hangup brackets for the flop tube in the 1st bay and relocated the fuel
        sender location to the tank baffle in the 2nd bay.

2/25/07  Began sealing the tanks today. What a mess! Riveted the bottom stiffeners, fuel cap and drain to the
        right side skin. This is definitely going to be a several weekend phase. I don't even want to
try to squeeze
        any part of this phase into a couple of hours one evening. I'll update the site again when I have both of the
        fuel tanks completed.

3/11/07  Sealed and installed the interior ribs of the tanks. That in itself was an all day job! I am going to leave
        the outer ribs and tank baffle until next week! The middle photo below is of the anti-hangup bracket for the
        flop tube and the trap door to allow fuel to remain in the center bay while in a bank to the left.

3/17/07  Sealed and installed the outer ribs in both fuel tanks. This process is taking longer than I expected it to...

3/31/07  Finally finished ONE tank! The right fuel tank is complete and ready to pressure test. I am going to let it
        sit for a couple of weeks before I pressure test it.  I am planning on finishing the left tank one evening
        this week. Lately I have only been able to work on my plane on the weekend, and then, only one day. I
        should be able to resume building during the week in the evening once these tanks are sealed! It's tough to
        be able set aside enough time during the week to enable me to mix up a batch of tank sealant, get
        everything riveted together and then, spend the two hour long process of cleaning up the tools and shop with
        M.E.K. What a nasty mess this is. My next kit will most CERTAINLY be a quick build!

4/8/07   Both fuel tanks are finally done! Finished the left tank today.  Also completed riveting the right wing
       leading edge and it is ready to be riveted to the main spar. Both wings leading edges are now complete and
       ready to begin riveting the top skins.

4/28/07 Fuel tanks are finally complete. Pressure tested them yesterday and today. Both tanks held a little over
       1 pound of pressure for 12 hours straight with steady shop temps.  Glad to have that behind me! All I have
        left to do to the main sections of both wings is to rivet on the aft skins. Then I can begin building the ailerons
        and flaps. Since I will certainly need some help with that, I will probably begin the ailerons and flaps tomorrow.
        I might even get in a whole day's work on this thing tomorrow!
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