Ailerons and Flaps April 29, 2007  - Present
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4/29/07 Began building the ailerons today. Actually, I got a lot done today! Formed and finished all of the stiffeners.     
             Match drilled the stiffeners to the skins, deburred and dimpled everything and riveted the stiffeners to the        
             skins all in one afternoon!

5/5/07   Match drilled all of the ribs and reinforcement plates to the aileron spars. Match drilled the aft skins and the     
             leading edge skins to the ribs and the counterbalance weight. Ready to disassemble them and begin the         
             deburring and dimpling process to prepare them for final riveting.

5/19/07  Completed the final preparations before permanently riveting the aileron skins to the frame.

6/10/07  Completed both ailerons

6/16/07  Began working on the flaps today. Completed the initial assembly and match drilled both upper and lower       
              skins on both flaps. Positioned and match drilled the piano hinge on both flaps that attach them to the wings.  
              Began fabricating the mounting brackets that connect the flaps to the control arm.

7/7/07  Still waiting for the opportunity to bend the flap attach reinforcement bracket before completing the flaps. It's a  
            1/8" thick piece of aluminum and requires a heavy duty machine shop break to make the required 6.3* bend...  
            hopefully I will have that completed by the end of this week.