Dennis Roberts' RV-7 Builder's Log
Welcome! ...To the website/builder's log for Dennis Roberts' RV-7 project.  This website is intended for viewing by
family, friends and the general public and is to be used for entertainment purposes as well as a builder's log to
provide documentation that I actually built this airplane!

I will make updates to this site as frequently as possible so please accept my apologies in advance for any lengthy
delays between updates.  :-)

If you would like to contact me with any questions, comments, requests or even to share your personal aircraft
building experiences, please E-mail me at and I will try to respond as often as possible.
Your support, advise and encouragement will ALWAYS be welcome!

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to hear from you soon!

Dennis Roberts

Aircraft Construction Stages:      

Empennage   November 6, 2005 - May 7, 2006 (After many personal delays!)

Wing Kit     Kit arrived June 10, 2006.    Began construction June 25, 2006 - July 29,2007 (Minus Bottom Skins)

Fuselage Kit   Kit arrived August 14, 2007   Began construction August 18, 2007 - Present

Finish Kit


Firewall Forward
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Van's Aircraft RV-7
Center Section Bulkhead
Opened Fuselage Kit
Horizontal Stabilizer
Vertical Stabilizer
Left Elevator
Opened Wing Kit
Left Wing Skeleton
Both Wings In Jigs
Completed Wings
Side View Fuselage
Kit arrived May 7,2010
Dynon Skyview 10" PFD,  Dynon Mode S Transponder with Traffic Displayed on PFD and Moving
Map, Dynon GPS, Dynon Auto Pilot with Altitude Hold, Garmin SL40 Comm, Garmin 240  Audio Panel
Tip Up Canopy
I/O 540 Engine
Current Stage as of November 2nd, 2011
6/15/2011  As you can tell, I have spent more time building the airplane than updating this site. Currently, the
wings are finished, painted and waiting patiently in the airport hangar to be installed as soon as the fuselage is
painted, which should be sometime next week. All the avionics are installed and working great. (as you can see
in the photo) I should be ready for the 1st engine start soon, and the 1st flight sometime near the end of
8/15/2011  Had the 1st engine start last weekend... it ran GREAT!  Just a few more items to complete such as
the engine baffeling, pito tube installation and some misc. wiring connections and she'll will be ready for the 1st
Click here to see a video of my
1st flight take-off  and other videos
Click on photo to enlarge
Made My 1st Flight November 18, 2011
Interior by:  Classic Aero Designs
1st Flight November 18, 2011
Click here to see some good quality photos
of the first take-off, landing and the
ever-so-famous  RV Grin!
Click "view as slide show" to see in order
Click here to see some performance specs:
1st Flight Photo Gallery
Just Arrived:  RV14 Wing Kit #140012  Arrived 12/11/12